Our Fish

Our Fish

Cod and Haddock

Our cod and haddock are fished by HB Grandi – one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland, from sustainable stocks from the icy waters in Area 27 of the North Atlantic. It is frozen and packed on board ship within 5 hours of being caught. This ensures that it is as fresh as can be and of the highest quality possible. The FASFA (Frozen at Sea Fillets Association) ensures that ensures the fish we stock is:

– Consistently high in quality of taste ‘Ocean Wild’, not farmed Free from ‘E’ numbers

– Caught in well managed and unpolluted waters

– Filleted and frozen within 5 hours of being caught, in blind taste tests 12 out of 14 people chose FAS fish



Scampi, also known as the Dublin Bay Prawn was the ultimate pub meal in the 60s and 70s and still has a strong following today. Our stock of Scottish wholetail breaded scampi served with fresh cooked chips and a squirt of tartare sauce will bring back those memories of sitting in the pub garden on a cool summer’s night sipping cider and tucking into a basket of scampi – a memory worth recreating.

Fish Specials

From time to time we will be bringing over different popular UK chip shop fish to keep your specials board alive and interesting. These fish will be a ‘while stocks last purchase’ but we will be bringing them back from time to time following your feedback.